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Meet Rod Wynne-Powell, the name behind SOLUTIONS Photographic

Software trainer, consultant, image retouching expert and author. For over twenty years, Rod has had a client list of large and small companies, which reads like the ‘who’s who’ of the imaging, advertising and software industries. He has a background in Commercial/Industrial Photography, as well as Sales for a leading London-based colour laboratory and has trained many with his one-to-one software training. As well as being a pre-release tester for Adobe in the US, his services were valued as an independent voice on Adobe stands at trade exhibitions, where he expertly explained to professionals how get the most from Lightroom, Photoshop and other products in their extensive range. See his broad range of training and creative services, available NOW. Use them and ensure an unfair advantage over your competitors.

This is the only book on Macs specifically for photographers and digital image makers. Written by
Rod Wynne-Powell,
an industry leader in this field, this is a book for every image makers collection.

Solutions Photographic Retouching Retouching

SOLUTIONS offers retouching to clients large and small and with a wealth of experience to draw on can perform the toughest miracles. It goes without saying to say that all work is of the highest standard and will be produced to meet your timetable and pocket.

Solutions Photographic Training Training

SOLUTIONS training comes in four categories: Apple Mac OS, Adobe Photoshop, Lightroom and colour management. This is available corporately, or individually as a seminar or a one on one basis, at any venue of your choice, though generally on your site.

Solutions Photographic Consultancy Consultancy

SOLUTIONS has offered technical consultancy at Trade Fairs up and down the UK for clients such as Adobe and Wacom and one-to-one training and guidance for individuals including many members of the Prodig list. Rod now has a blog at

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