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The types of work vary; from the large volume, simple and straightforward, to the smaller volume, highly critical and complex creative work.

For fairly obvious reasons, larger creative work over several days with tight deadlines represents better value to you as client. In a busy studio with a large throughput, it is often a benefit to the less-experienced to take the opportunity to learn more.

Rod's experience ranges from retouching personalities to creating complex montages of vehicles. Over the period of several years, there have been numerous bookjacket covers, Annual Report collages for both the inside features and the covers, advertisements in the colour supplements and brochures, and a front cover for Night & Day of Tina Turner on reaching sixty.

Because of his contacts within the photographic community, much of the product and vehicle retouching is in conjunction with photographers, because he speaks their language. He is more than willing to lose his own identity in favour of being 'your retoucher', in other words wearing your cap. This can be quite important. Although an individual, he is very much a team player.

Mansfield-Fyffe - Triton retouch example Link Mansfield-Fyffe:
Triton Beauty Products
The brief, to montage together all the shower elements as shot separately into a visual of the product for a magazine advert.
Mansfield-Fyffe - Goldsmiths - retouch example Link Mansfield-Fyffe:

Working with Mansfield-Fyffe has always been a joy, and helping with some of their retouching on recent Goldsmiths' catalogues is just such an occasion.
Michael Halycz - Lefroy Brooks retouch link Michael Halycz:
Lefroy Brooks
As part of a batch of images for a new catalogue. In this instance to take the original bathroom shot and retouch it to show the full range of colours available.
Toby Savage: King's Oak South West retouch link Toby Savage:
King's Oak South West

The brief, to remove the cars from the shot.
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